Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door


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Making your life easier.

Product Description:

Our magnetic screen door installs and uninstalls in just minutes, keeping out bugs and insects and providing a hands-free and self-sealing way to get in and out of your home. The screen door’s middle seam is strategically lined with 26 powerful magnets that allow it to close seamlessly behind you like magic! Give yourself, your family, and your treasured four-legged friends the convenience of easy entry and exit and a home filled with fresh air.

Features :

  • ↔️ Opens and Closes Like Magic: Our magnetic mesh screen door features a middle seam lined with magnets for walking through any doorway with ease. This means your screen door with magnets will open easily and close automatically no matter how many times you, your dog, cat, or other family members go in and out
  • 💪 Durable, Heavy Duty Mesh Door Screen: Any screen door that experiences a ton of traffic needs to withstand constant wear and tear. Our patio screen door features heavy-duty mesh with reinforced edges that are designed for long-term use. Its construction can withstand constant beating by you, your furry friends, and the elements
  • 🦟 Keep Mosquitos, Flies, And Other Insects Out: Our mosquito door net is perfect for letting fresh air in while keeping insects and pesky irritants out. The fine mesh keeps the outdoors out while allowing you to keep an eye on what's happening beyond.

Technical details :

Color Black
Material Mesh
Style Modern