Copper Flipwich
Copper Flipwich
Copper Flipwich
Copper Flipwich
Copper Flipwich
Copper Flipwich

Copper Flipwich


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Cookware That Brings Out the Chef in You!

Product Description :

Not all of us have mastered the art of perfectly flipping a sandwich in a frying pan. And that’s okay. Copper Flipwich makes flipping and grilling sandwiches on your stovetop fun and easy. Flip with confidence when you use Flipwich. In a single step, you can create gooey grilled cheese, press the perfect panini, or efficiently grill a chicken cutlet to top your salad.

Features :

Twin Interlocking Plates

Aluminum induction plates on either side of the Flipwich distribute heat evenly within the pan. This lightweight pan creates a sealed cooking environment for your sandwiches

Delicious Recipes

Make scrumptious treats in your Flipwich, thanks to Cathy’s easy recipe guide. The recipe guide includes:

Safe, Non-Toxic Coating

Have peace of mind while cooking. Red Copper cookware does not contain any PFOAs or PTFE.

Copper-Infused Ceramic

The Flipwich has a strong copper-infused ceramic coating that creates a non-stick and scratch-resistant cooking surface. Your food won’t stick and cause scratching to the ceramic coating. 

Technical details :

Model Name Hotsaber
Material Nonstick
Brand Hotsaber
Color Red
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.62 x 7.12 x 1.87 inches